Nest Box Update 3.26.19

This is the second week of nest box inspections and we have four nests started or near completion. Three nests are of Carolina Chickadees and one of eastern blue birds.

The nest box at the Cow Pasture near the train tunnel has a half-cup of moss. At this time last week the nest had only a few sprigs of moss.

Half-finished chickadee nest at Cow Pasture (3.26.19).

No takers for the nest boxes at Explore the Wild or Into the Mist service roads, both were empty when I peered into them.

On the east side of the parking deck chickadees have nearly completed their nest, adding fur but yet to form the typical deep cup in the center of the nest. I expect eggs by next week.

East side of parking deck (3.26.19).

The nest box on the west side of the parking deck had a handful of pine needles in its blue-green berry basket. I hope to see a finished nest next week.

Start of blue bird nest on west side of parking deck (3.26.19).

Finally, the Butterfly House nest box. As with the parking deck nest, chickadees have topped off the moss with a layer of fur and only a bit of fine tuning remains. I suspect the fur for these nests is coming from our farm yard.

Chickadee nest near complete at Butterfly House (3.26.29).

Another week and we have four active nests. Three nests are chickadees (Cow pasture, parking deck, and Butterfly House), and one is blue bird (Parking deck west).

Will there be more nests next week? Will there be eggs in the current nests? See you next week when we find out! There are no guarantees.

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