Nest Box Update 3.22.22

Top Photo: Eastern bluebird eggs from previous season.

All of our six nest boxes have nest material inside their cedar walls. Three of those nests are complete and one has eggs within. One is a chickadee nest, the rest belong to bluebirds.

The Cow Pasture nest box is occupied by bluebirds and has, so far, three eggs.

Three bluebird eggs at Cow Pasture.

The nest box on the service road in Explore the Wild has a half complete bluebird nest. Two years ago, this box was occupied by chickadees early in the season but later abandoned. It was not occupied last year. It’s unusual, because of its wooded location, that bluebirds have begun a nest in the box.

A surprising bluebird nest started at ETW nest box.

A bluebird nest has been started in the nest box at Into the Mist. The last time this nest box was occupied was 2019. At the time, bluebirds fledged four from the nest.

Another unexpected nest start at Into the Mist.

Some grass and pine needles have been added to the nest in the nest box on the east side of the parking deck but it’s far from ready for eggs.

A few more pine needles and grass stems for the nest at parking deck east.

The nest box on the west side of the parking deck was empty last week. It now has a completed bluebird nest sans eggs.

From no nest to a complete bluebird nest at parking deck west.

Chickadees started and completed a nest in the nest box at the Butterfly House but have yet to lay eggs.

Volunteer Sammie opens nest box at Butterfly House.
This chickadee nest is ready to go, but so far no eggs.

Much progress has been made in our six nest boxes. All the nest boxes have nest material, three are complete and one nest has at least a partial bluebird brood. Five of the nests are eastern bluebirds and one Carolina chickadee.

It’s important to remember how early in the season it is, and how much can change in a short time. House wrens won’t arrive on the scene till next month. These seemingly cheerful little garden birds with the bubbly, warbling song, tend to take over other birds’ nests. They will remove and puncture any eggs in the nest, then remove all the previous owner’s nest material and replace it with their own.

For the time being I’m optimistic, but also realistic as the season moves along.

Till next week!

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