Nest Box Update 3.18.19

I conducted the first nest box inspection of the season on March 18, and found two chickadee nests well on the way to completion and one just begun. Blue birds have yet to make a claim on any of our 6 nest boxes.

One nest box was moved due to impending construction at its former site.

Our nest boxes are located as follows:

  • Cow Pasture (near train tunnel)
  • Explore the Wild (service road on back side of outdoor loop)
  • Into the Mist (service road to Into the Mist).
  • Parking Deck (east side of deck)
  • Parking Deck West (west side of deck)
  • Butterfly House (lawn on south side of Butterfly House)

During my inspection, the Cow Pasture nest box showed just the beginnings of a chickadee nest, a few pieces of moss.

Just a few sprigs of moss at Cow Pasture.

The Explore the Wild nest box was empty as was the Into the Mist box.

The nest box at the Parking Deck was full of moss, indicating a chickadee was at work. All that’s needed now is to be topped off with feathers, or fur, a nice little cup formed in the center, and eggs.

Almost finished with this chickadee nest at Parking Deck.

There was nothing in the nest box on the west side of the Parking Deck. This is a new location and I expect it will be occupied by blue birds. The nest box was previously along the path leading to Woodlands Classrooms.

The Butterfly House nest box has the start of a chickadee nest. Chickadees begin nest construction earlier than blue birds, so this nest may be taken over by a pair of blue birds before it’s completed. We’ll have to wait to see what happens to be sure.

Will blue birds take over this nest at Butterfly House?

So, we’re off to the start of the nesting season. I can’t wait to see what happens next week!

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