Nest Box Update 2.27.24

Top Photo: Eastern bluebird eggs (from previous season).

There is only one active nest, a near complete eastern bluebird nest. No activity has been observed in any of the other five nest boxes.

The Cow pasture nest box is empty.

There’s no nest material in the nest boxes at Explore the Wild or Into the Mist.

Parking Deck East nest box has our first bluebird nest of the season. If the weather cooperates these birds will have the jump on the competitors.

Eastern bluebird nest at Parking Deck East (2.27.24).

The remaining two nest boxes, Parking Deck West and Butterfly House are both empty.

So, we have only one nest box with nest material inside. As long as the weather remains mild we should see more progress in this nest and perhaps some interest by the local nesters in the other five nest boxes we offer them. But, as I keep saying, it is very early in the season.

See you next week.

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