Nest Box Season

It’s nest box season. While that in itself is exciting, only two of our six nest boxes show activity.

The nest box at the Butterfly House has an almost complete Carolina chickadee nest inside. A bit more moss, some fur and or feathers to top it off and it’ll be ready for eggs.

Almost complete chickadee nest at Butterfly House (3.10.20).

The nest box on the east side of the parking deck has just a few small pieces of moss. This nest box typically starts off with chickadees, which may hold true again this year. But, anything can happen. The chickadees may abandon the nest, bluebirds may take over, and if either bird doesn’t establish themselves as residents with a brood, house wrens may arrive and boot either of them out of the nest box, eggs, nests and all. But that’s not likely to happen until April.

Just a few pieces of moss in nest box on east side of parking deck (3.10.20).

All of the other nest boxes are empty, no twigs, pine straw or moss in any of them.

Four empty nest boxes (3.10.20).

The season is just beginning. It’s still early. As long as the weather remains average, or above average, we should see more activity next week.

See you then!

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