Molly and the Snake

While standing in the shade talking with Ranger Sara and Molly (Education Dept.), I noticed the tall grass move just inches from the path. We were in Explore the Wild, and Molly was there collecting water samples. The grass moved again, this time at two locations at once about 18 inches apart. It had to be a snake. It was. It looked like a racer.

Apparently, the lure of a snake is too much for Molly. She wanted to catch it. I must admit, it would be nice to get a close look at the serpent. Unfortunately, the snake didn’t share Molly’s desire for inter-species relationships. It moved very quickly when pursued and eluded capture. The slender snake slipped by us all without being seen until it was spotted again some time later, 30 feet or so away in a tree.

The snake, in a tree.

This snake played us well, if it indeed it was the same snake (it certainly looked like the same snake).

Molly and the snake stare each other down.


Molly and Sara have a go at the snake.

Once again, the snake eluded its pursuers by sliding down out of the tree, on to the ground, and off into the thick underbrush.

Maybe next time Molly, maybe next time….

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