Two Snakes

It can sometimes (often) be confusing as to what species of snake you’re looking at when you come across one on a trek along your favorite hiking trail, your backyard, or here at the Museum. I’ve often stated on this blog the clear difference between copperheads and other non-venomous snakes here at the Museum. But there are two species which even confuse me at times. The black rat snake and black racer are both common snakes here at the Museum.Read more

We have much to do before winter

With each passing cold front the temperatures are a little cooler, the humidity a little dryer, and winter a little closer. There’s plenty going on outside during this transitional time of year when we make the shift from summer to winter. It’s time to prepare for what’s to come and the birds, mammals, and insects are doing just that. As the cicadas wind down so too the activities of the Cicada Killer. Hopefully their burrows are stocked with cicadas forRead more


This Black Racer (or one just like it) has recently been very active along the path between the two Wetlands Overlooks. Tuesday, I saw it attempt to cross the path three times, each attempt was interrupted by passers by. Yesterday it was taking life easy, coiled up in one of our water snakes’ favorite spots on the north side of the Wetlands.Read more

Molly and the Snake

While standing in the shade talking with Ranger Sara and Molly (Education Dept.), I noticed the tall grass move just inches from the path. We were in Explore the Wild, and Molly was there collecting water samples. The grass moved again, this time at two locations at once about 18 inches apart. It had to be a snake. It was. It looked like a racer. Apparently, the lure of a snake is too much for Molly. She wanted to catch it.Read more