Latchkey Herons

It’s only been a week since hatching and already the herons in NS1 are being left alone in the nest while the parents are off at work stalking fish, tadpoles, frogs, insects, and other food items to feed the little nestlings. The parents work the Wetlands and bring in food in the form of partially digested remains of whatever it is they’ve been able to catch. The food is regurgitated into the bottom of the nest and the youngsters have at it, happily gobbling up the tasty mix.

After what must have seemed like a long wait alone in the nest, the young herons spy one of their parents returning to the nest with the grub (7/25/13).
And here she is climbing up the tree trunk and over the edge of the nest to deliver the goods (7/25/13).
Here the parent “works-up” the food from within (7/25/13).

More news as it happens….

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