Latchkey Herons

It’s only been a week since hatching and already the herons in NS1 are being left alone in the nest while the parents are off at work stalking fish, tadpoles, frogs, insects, and other food items to feed the little nestlings. The parents work the Wetlands and bring in food in the form of partially digested remains of whatever it is they’ve been able to catch. The food is regurgitated into the bottom of the nest and the youngsters haveRead more

Green Heron

From April thru September Green Herons are in our Wetlands nearly every day, if not every day. However, they’re not always visible, they spend much of their time hidden from view silently perched just above the water’s surface or quietly stalking fish, tadpoles, or insects among the willow branches and roots. But, every once in a while I hear a loud squawky “skew” coming from the brush or catch a glimpse of one of these small herons out in theRead more