Just a Few Tree Thoughts

While this post is mostly pictures of trees along our paths here at the museum, there is some news to impart and to perhaps think about.

Most of our elms and red cedars are only recently past blooming, but other trees still have their seeds attached from last year’s growing season and are far from flowering anew.

Elms going to seed.

Try to catch the trees backlit against a severe clear blue sky.

Elm, backlit.

Just a week ago male red cedar flowers were sending off their wind-borne pollen to the female flowers on adjacent trees.

Male red cedar flowers give off pollen.
Closer look at flowers.

Sweet gum still retains it’s “gumballs” from the previous season. Many of the seed balls fell during last week’s heavy winds. Plenty remain on the trees but will eventually fall to the ground.

Sweet gum’s spiky “gum balls.”

Most people would rather the sweet gum’s seed balls stay right where they are, in the trees. The spiky balls are hard on bare feet.

Sweet gum’s dried, spent seed balls are tough on naked feet.

It won’t be long before redbud and dogwood are in flower!

It’s hard to beat the flowers of redbud for spring color.
Dogwood follows close behind redbud. Sometimes they bloom in unison.

Let’s hope for a frost-free March.

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