It’s Bluebird Time: Update 3.21.17

It is nesting season!

We have six bluebird nest boxes here at the Museum. I’ve moved four of the boxes to more favorable locations due to future construction or plant succession at the previous sites. Here’s where the nest boxes are currently located:

As it was last year, the Cow Pasture nest box remains where it had been, in the meadow near the Train Tunnel.

The Sailboat Pond nest box has been moved to a service road on the back side of the Outdoor Loop between Explore the Wild and Catch the Wind. This nest is designated as “ETW” nest box.

The “Bungee” nest box has been moved fifty yards to the north. It is now in a more open situation as it’s previous location is overrun with trees and shrubs.

The Amphimeadow nest box has been placed on a service road just west of the Bird Viewing Exhibit. I call this nest box the “Mist” box as it is at the entrance to the service road for Into the Mist.

The Woodland nest box remains in its previous location, near the Woodlands Classrooms.

The Butterfly House nest box has been moved about fifty feet east to make way for a new service road on campus.

The lowdown.

The Cow Pasture nest box is currently empty. This is typically a bluebird nest box. Chickadees often begin a nest in this box but bluebirds soon take over and build on top of the smaller bird’s nest. There’ll probably be some activity by the next inspection of the box, Tuesday next.

The ETW nest box has the beginnings of a chickadee nest within. So far, it’s just a layer of moss. The birds typically top it off with fur and or feathers.

The start of a chickadee nest at the ETW box (3/21/17).

The Bungee nest box also has a chickadee nest. This one is near completion with moss below and fur and feathers above. Now all we need is eggs.

A near complete chickadee nest at Bungee (3/21/17).

The Mist nest box is empty.

Waiting for occupants at Mist (3/21/17).

The nest box at Woodlands is also empty.

The Butterfly House nest box has a complete bluebird nest.

This bluebird nest looks to be ready for eggs at Butterfly House (3/21/17).

So, here’s where we are. We have two chickadee nests in progress, one at the ETW nest box, the other at the Bungee nest box. A bluebird nest is ready for eggs at the Butterfly House nest box. The remaining three nest boxes are empty.

Here we go…

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