Ice Storm

A week ago today, as I lie peacefully dreaming of the spring to come, I was awakened by the unmistakable CRACK, POP, and POW of branches and tree trunks snapping and crashing to the ground. When I fell asleep hours earlier it was raining. My rude awakening made me realize that this night’s rain had been freezing on contact with the trees, ground, and every other surface open to the sky. It was accumulating by the minute adding unbearable weight to the trees and shrubs which eventually snapped under its weight. Power outages, unpassable roads, and a miserable wet and cold day were to follow everywhere north and west of Durham.

When I awoke Saturday morning it was 28 degrees. The sun was about to show itself for the first time in two days. The trees glistened as the big yellow orb rose in the east. It was quite a beautiful sight. I took a few photos before leaving for work that morning and didn’t want too much time to pass before showing them to you, lest I forget.

My little shack in the woods with ice covered trees and ground. The magnolia lost a good portion of its upper branches.
The view down the drive.
A frosty willow oak about to split down the middle.
Like icy fingers pointing towards the sky.
Another willow oak glistens in the morning sun.
Loblollies, oaks, a few cherries and willows.
Looking more like cherry blossoms than frozen trees on a crisp clear morning these trees would soon loose their crystalline covering to the sun.

In a few hours time the temperature would be in the sixties and the ice would be gone.

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