Ice Storm

A week ago today, as I lie peacefully dreaming of the spring to come, I was awakened by the unmistakable CRACK, POP, and POW of branches and tree trunks snapping and crashing to the ground. When I fell asleep hours earlier it was raining. My rude awakening made me realize that this night’s rain had been freezing on contact with the trees, ground, and every other surface open to the sky. It was accumulating by the minute adding unbearable weightRead more


It doesn’t happen very often here in the North Carolina Piedmont, but when the temperature is just right, and the moisture level is just right, there’s the potential to get a look at some “real” snowflakes, and not the icy, mushy, freezing presip that we usually get around here. On Friday last, fowl weather was predicted by the local weather folks. There would be two bands of winter weather coming in from the west. The first band came through lateRead more