Cardinals Fledge!

On April 22, I posted to this blog about a northern cardinal’s nest in a red cedar tree at the Red Wold Exhibit in Explore the Wild. I included photos of the nestlings in the post.

Nestlings ready to eat (4/22/17).
Mother brings in food to nestlings (4/22/17).
First day off the nest (4/26/17).

Fours days later, the nestlings are out of the nest, they fledged on the morning of 26 April. I was able to get photos of three of the fledglings. They’re posted here for your viewing pleasure.

The nest was a bit crowded for the four fast growing cardinal nestlings. They had to evacuate. Although they can’t truly fly, the birds can flap and hop around the tree branches until they acquire that essential avian skill.

The parent birds did all that they could do to keep track of the fledglings as they scurried around the surrounding trees and shrubs during the remainder of the day. I saw no sign of the birds the next day (Thursday 4/27).

I hope they all make it.

You may notice there are no tail feathers on this bird (4/26/17).
Mohawk “do” on this cardinal fledgling (4/26/17).


2 responses to Cardinals Fledge!

  1. Joan Busching says:

    I have 3 fledgling ….one seems to be picking or preening itself..Wonder if this is OK

  2. Priscilla Verdia says:

    Thanks for the beautiful photos. I have some in my yard right now. They have just fledged today. I hope they make it too.

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