Caching Blue Jays

In October of 2008 I wrote about Blue Jays hoarding acorns and how they may have played a role in reforesting the east after the most recent glacial period. The other day I noticed Blue Jays flying back and forth over Catch the Wind. I forgot about those raucous birds until this morning (10/21) as I was talking with Ranger Lewis at the Ornithopter. They’re at it again!

A Blue Jay flies overhead with an acorn in its bill (and probably several in its gullet) to cache for later use.

If you happen to be out in Catch the Wind, look up, you may see one of these corvids flying over. Watch a while and see if you can notice how, as it flies to the east (leaving Catch the Wind), its bill is empty, when it returns there’s an acorn within.


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