Buds and Birds

Some pre-spring happeningsĀ at the Museum…

Elm buds have been showing for a few weeks, this one was close enough to the ground to photograph.
Red Maple is in full bloom.
Wax Myrtle is showing buds.
A Gray Squirrel partakes in a tasty snack of buds or flowers, or both.
A Carolina Chickadee inspects a natural cavity in a sycamore. This tree is within 12 feet or so of the boardwalk. If the bird decides to use this for nesting it may make for good photographic opportunities.
A Red-winged Blackbird checks out the Wetlands. This bird was in the company of three others and was just passing through. There is, however, a lone male who sings daily in the Wetlands.
Apparently always excavating holes in trees at this time of year, a Brown-headed Nuthatch continues its work.
I noticed this bird circling above Catch the Wind (2/5) performing a “courtship” flight. I later found the bird (Cooper’s Hawk) in a pine calling loudly kak, kak, kak, kak…it’s time to think about nesting.
A winter resident at the Museum, this Ruby-crowned Kinglet searches for food among the branches of a willow in the Wetlands. Kinglets often start singing before leaving us for points north, I haven’t heard their song yet.

Get outdoors and have a look around for yourself, and let me know what you see!

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