Nest box at the Bungee Jump (Take Off - 3/2/16).
Nest box at the Bungee Jump (Take Off – 3/2/16).

It’s that time of year again. Bluebirds have been poking around the nest boxes on our modest bluebird trail here at the Museum, so I decided to get things ready for those azure-backed thrushes. Last week, using 8″ galvanized stove pipe (thanks Kevin), I manufactured and installed new predator guards on the three nest box poles which lacked them. I relocated one nest box due to future construction at the site. And, after receiving a supply of 1/2 pint berry baskets (thanks Michele), I went about cleaning all of the nest boxes, placing a brand-spanking new berry basket in each. The berry baskets make post-fledge cleanup much easier, just toss out the old basket and put in a new one.

I’m ready. From here on, It’s up to the birds.

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