Bluebird Update 6/3/14

A bluebird family learning the ropes.
A bluebird family learning the ropes.

While some of the bluebird families which fledged young over the past few weeks were out learning how to survive life in semi-suburban Durham, others were busy starting new nests. Four of our six nest boxes here on the Museum’s 84 acres are empty, awaiting occupancy, the other two have been claimed by bluebirds.

The bluebirds in the nest box at the Cow Pasture fledged their young sometime during the week of 5/13 – 5/20 and a new nest was found in the box on the 27th of May. It now has four bluebird eggs within.

Four bright new bluebird eggs for the Cow Pasture nest (6/3/14).
Four bright new bluebird eggs for the Cow Pasture nest (6/3/14).
A bluebird nest this time around for the Bungee nest box (6/3/14).
This time around it’s bluebirds for the Bungee nest box (6/3/14).

Over in Catch the Wind, next to the Bungee Jump (Take Off), the box which had fledged 3 chickadees during the week of 5/6 – 5/13 now has a bluebird nest inside its cedar walls.

This is a tight space for bluebirds. What was once the edge of a meadow is now becoming overgrown with sumac and other shrubs and trees. Bluebirds typically like more open spaces. However, the birds chose this spot so it must be suitable for their needs.

I wonder if these are the same bluebirds that had previously nested in the Amphimeadow and are now seeking a more relaxed location to raise a second brood. The Amphimeadow was the site of Build It! BAMBOO for the past two weeks, quite a busy spot (in human traffic) to raise a nest full of bluebirds. The birds persevered and successfully fledged five young amongst all the construction and deconstruction.

So, here we are, the first week of June and there have been six successful nests, two chickadee nests and four bluebird nests. Two new nests have been started, one at the Cow Pasture (with four eggs) and one next to the Bungee Jump, both bluebird nests.

Will there be eggs in the Bungee nest next week? Will there be other nests started in the remaining four nest boxes? I think you know the answer to both questions, we’ll have to wait and see.

See you next week.

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