Bluebird Update 6/17/14

Still four unhatched eggs at the Cow Pasture and Bungee nests (6/17/14).
Still four unhatched eggs at the Cow Pasture and Bungee nests (6/17/14).

We still have two nests with four eggs each and one nest remains a work in progress.

The Cow Pasture and Bungee Jump nests both have four eggs apiece. I had predicted that the Cow Pasture eggs would have hatched by this week. I should stop making predictions, the occupants of the nest are still in egg form.

The Bungee Jump nest’s eggs were deposited after the Cow Pasture eggs and I wasn’t quite sure if the female was incubating last week, the eggs can’t hatch without incubation. The female flushed this week as I approached the nest box. She is definitely incubating. Do I dare predict that this nest box will be full of nestlings by next week? Sure, what have I to lose.

“There will be nestlings in the box by next week!”

The only real change from last week is the condition of the nest at the Butterfly House, it now has a completed nest inside. Last week this nest box had only a few pine straw needles strewn about its interior. There are no eggs in the nest but it’s finished and ready for the bluebirds to deposit their blue hued eggs.

There are, as there were last week, three empty nests, the Sail Boat Pond, Amphimeadow, and Picnic Dome nest boxes. Three boxes are occupied by bluebirds, the Cow Pasture (4 eggs), Bungee Jump (4 eggs), and the Butterfly House nests.

This is going to be a hot week, weather-wise. I saw one of the female bluebirds hanging out of the Bungee Jump nest box today. She was panting.

This female is feeling the heat (6/17/14).
This female is feeling the heat (6/17/14).

Wish these birds luck.

See you next week.



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