Bluebird Update 6/10/14

Things are moving along, albeit slowly. Three nest boxes are still empty, but progress is being made, all through the efforts of bluebirds.

These eggs will probably hatch by next week's inspection of the nest box (6/10/14).
These eggs at the Cow Pasture will probably hatch by next week’s inspection of the nest box (6/10/14).

The nest at the Cow Pasture, which held four eggs last week, still holds four eggs. The female flushed from the box as I approached the pasture, she looks to be incubating.

This nest was started more than two weeks ago, the eggs laid over one week ago. If all goes well, there will be four nestlings next week. I expect to see bright orange, gaping mouths the next time I open this box.

The Bungee nest which had only a partially completed bluebird’s nest when last peered into, now has four eggs passively waiting for attention. I didn’t see an adult nearby so I don’t actually know if the female is incubating or not. I could have simply not seen her, she taking off before I approached near enough the nest to spot her.

Four bluebird eggs in the Bungee nest (6/10/14).
Four bluebird eggs in the Bungee nest (6/10/14).

Whatever the case, there’s a good chance these eggs will hatch by next week also. But as always, we’ll have to wait to see what happens with this nest.

All the other nest boxes, the Sail Boat Pond, Amphimeadow, and Picnic Dome boxes are empty, with only a blue, berry basket inside each of them. The Butterfly House nest box, however, has a sprinkling of pine needles inside its berry basket. That, is a sure sign that a bluebird has expressed intentions to build a nest in the box. Let’s wait and see if they finish what they started.

Just the beginning for the Butterfly House's second nest (6/10/14).
Just the beginning for the Butterfly House’s second nest (6/10/14).

So, we now have three empty nest boxes and three with bluebird claims on them. The Cow Pasture and Bungee Jump nests both have four eggs within. The Butterfly House nest box has only the very beginnings of a nest.

See you in a week.

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