Bluebird Update 5/27/14

A new nest hase been started at the Cow Pasture (5/27/14).
A new nest has been started at the Cow Pasture (5/27/14).
The Butterfly House nest has fledged its four bluebird nestlings (5/27/14).
The Butterfly House nest has fledged its four bluebird nestlings. They, of course, left a mess (5/27/14).

Although none of our six nest boxes contains nestlings, nor even eggs, there is still exciting news to report. A new nest has been started, and the last remaining nest which held birds is now empty.

The Cow pasture nest box now contains a second bluebird nest. Perhaps we’ll see eggs by next week.

All the other nest boxes, Bungee, Sail Boat Pond, Amphimeadow, Picnic Dome, and now Butterfly House boxes, are empty. The Butterfly House nest having fledged its four young during the past week.

The first part of this season has gone well. All of the birds had succesful broods. There were four bluebird nests and two chickadee nests. Although there were a few unhatched eggs, one or two missing nestlings, all told, the birds had a good season so far. All of the nestlings fledged fairly close to one another so that all of the nest boxes are empty at the same time so that we can start fresh with what may be second broods.

So, now we wait. We wait for the birds to shed themselves of their current parental duties, or for new birds to move in. I hope, though, that the birds don’t wait too long to get moving on their second broods, the summer heat is coming!

See you in a week.

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