Bluebird Update 5.26.15

All of our nest boxes look like this, empty (5/26/15).
All of our nest boxes look like this, empty (5/26/15).


After the excitement of the last few months, all is quiet on the bluebird front. All six of our nest boxes are empty.

We’ve had nests started by one species and finished off by another. Two nests were well on their way (with eggs) and subsequently destroyed by a competing species of bird. One nest was begun by one species (chickadee), completed by another (bluebird) and destroyed by yet another (house wren). That same nest was cleaned out of its 6 eggs by what was most likely a rat snake.

Even so, with all of the conflict going on, bluebirds managed to fledge twelve birds, chickadees four.

Will there be a second brood in any of those nest boxes? For the answer to that question, we’re going to have to wait at least another week.

See you then!

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