Blue Bird Season

Meteorologically speaking, it’s spring and the local birds are feeling the urge to nest. Blue birds and chickadees are already checking out the nest boxes. In fact, two of our six nest boxes had nesting material in them as I made the rounds this morning (3/2/19) in preparation for the coming season.

Last year we had 33 birds fledged on our modest blue bird trail, 16 eastern blue birds, 12 Carolina Chickadees, and 5 house wrens. The purists among you may be surprised at the fact that I listed, or even allowed the house wrens to nest in one of our boxes, but we turn no bird away. That said, I’d probably evict house sparrows and starlings if they made attempts at nesting on our trail.

Cool weather is forecast for next week, but from then on I predict full-out nest building!

See you in a few weeks.

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