Adeyha and Anole

Top Photo: Adeyha makes appearance in red wolf enclosure.

Seen more often than not inside the enclosure’s den via the den-cam, Adeyha can, at times, actually be seen walking around the wolf habitat.

Here’s a few shots of the large (last weigh in at about 44 kg) male red wolf just before he sneaked back into the den to recline.

Adeyha explores his domain.
One last look around.
A quick slide into den.

Adeyha seems fond of the den, at least during daylight hours. Oak, our spirited female, likes to roam around the enclosure.

Oak, always on the run…

On a very warm (about 60° F) misty morning near the end of January, I spotted a green anole poking its head from an old familiar anole hangout. The “Garden Sun” in the flower garden along the ramp to the Butterfly House is the first place to look for anoles on chilly mornings during the warm months, likewise during winter warm spells.

The “Garden Sun” (center).
A closer look (above left eyebrow).
Green anole trying to pick up radiant heat from the sun.

And don’t forget, green anoles can be either green or brown depending on mood, stress level or ambient temperature. At this time of year, brown’s more likely, even on the warmest winter days.

Enjoy your day!

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