Keeping On Track

Top Photo: Ellerbe Creek Railway – Engineer Michael.

A little out of my realm (I’m usually writing about nature), but every now and then you have to celebrate the people who keep the museum running, literally keep the place on track.

The Ellerbe Creek Railway has been closed the past few days due to routine maintenance. Our facilities crew has been replacing railroad ties and recalibrating the tracks to ensure they’re safe for you and your family, friends, or entourage to have a fun and carefree visit to the museum.

Here’s a few of our crew hard at work.

Matt removing spikes.
Some spikes take a little more effort and leverage.
JP (operating machine) and Daniel remove old and install new ties.
JP says “Thumbs up.”
Daniel signals “Peace.”
LJ, on the job.
Dale hoists new tie as if it were a tooth pick.
“Have a good one!”

Taking care of business, and you!

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