A Warm Day with the Lotus

Uli and Robin (Butterfly House) took advantage of the warm, 70 degree temperatures on Tuesday (11/9) to do a little plant control in the Wetlands.

Uli Hartmond and Robin Dale (Butterfly House) happily prepare to spend the afternoon mucking around in the Wetlands pulling up lotus plants.

Lotus is a spectacular water plant which has become established in the Wetlands. Its leaves and flowers may stand six feet above the water’s surface.

lotus flowers
These large attractive flowers begin to bloom in May, peak in June and begin to fade in July.

Lotus, whether the Asian Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera), which resides in our wetland, or the American Lotus (Nelumbo lutea) will take over a quiet wetland if not controlled. Both are considered to be invasive by many, although one person’s weed may be another person’s wild beauty.

lotus spring
This lotus is crowding out other plant species and stretches nearly halfway across the open (formerly open) water of the Wetlands.
robin & uli
Hard work, but nice day to be doing it.

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