Autumn Meadowhawks

There are still dragonflies to be seen.

A male Autumn Meadowhawk (Sympetrum vicinum) perches on a downed leaf in Explore the Wild. Its bright red abdomen seems appropriate, even logical, given the time of year.

Your best bet to see one of these little odes is on the descent into the Wetlands, perched on the handrail or zipping up to catch a passing aerial insect, down near the main Wetlands Overlook, or on the north side of the Wetlands. Those locations are best when the sun is shinning down on them, giving the dragonflies a warm spot to perch.

Besides the males, I’ve only seen a few females, but haven’t seen them in tandem or in the “wheel” yet. So, there’s still time to catch a glimpse of them before they, like the other dragonflies of the Wetlands, disappear for the season.

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