A New Beginning

Top Photo: A great blue heron, an old wood duck nest box mounting pole, and a stake with a blue flag on it.

Old box in need of repair.

The heron in the above photo just happened to be on scene when the photo was taken and has nothing to do with this story.

The pole with the predator guard (cone shaped object) is where a wood duck nest box had been mounted. The stake to the right is the location a new pole and nest box will go (see photo of old box here).

The old wood duck nest box took a hit and had to be retired. Luckily our Exhibits Department answered the call and arranged for the installment of another nest box, hopefully, in time for the nesting season. Volunteer Reeve constructed the box and Fabricators Scott and Christian headlined the expert installation.

A pole with concrete base from a previous application was located and designated as the replacement pole for the new nest box.

Here’s a series of photos documenting the installation.

Christian delivers mounting pole with Bobcat MT55 mini track loader (Dingo).
Scott and Christian gear-up.
Loading new pole on floatation vehicle.
Ready to go.
The paddle out.
The new installation site.
Mounting the nest box.
Removing old mounting pole.
The Vikings head back to shore.
Ready for the next challenge.

Thanks everyone!

The new beginning.

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