Yay, it’s Quiz Time!!!

Who made these tracks?

What’s this, splashes in the water? Yes, those splashes were made by something, your job is to figure out what. There are four distinct splashes. What creature would make tracks on the water’s surface, however temporary they are?

Things to consider:

My tracks are on the water.

My feeding behavior is a clue to my tracks.

Recent posts to this blog might help determine who I am.

Don’t be discouraged, a little deductive reasoning should help you figure this out.


added 11/23/11 – Answer

6 responses to Yay, it’s Quiz Time!!!

    • Greg Dodge
      Greg Dodge says:

      It’s looks like we’re all thinking along the same lines.
      Answer here: /2011/11/23/answer-to-last-quiz/

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    sarah says:

    While my gut says Hooded Merganser, I’m going to go with the Mallard. It’s hard for a chunky little bird like that to get off the water’s surface!

  2. Avatar
    jklGoDuke says:

    Hmm, my first thought was one of those lizards that runs on the water … but I don’t think they live around here. Perhaps a bird diving in to grab a splashing fish?

  3. Avatar
    jennifer says:

    Are they the water tracks of a hooded merganser taking flight?

  4. Avatar
    ann says:

    Because you recently mentioned the mergs arriving, I’m guessing the Hooded Merganser, a diving duck that runs across the water on takeoff.

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