Nest Box Update 6.20.17

There are two things to report this week. The 4 nestling house wrens that had been in the nest box at the old site of the Bungee Jump in Catch the Wind have fledged and, there is no activity in any of the other nest boxes. So, this may be the end of the nesting season for our little bluebird trail. I will report on any further activity next week, if it occurs. However, if there is no nest activity,Read more

Green Stripes

Alerted by the frass at my feet, I looked up into the maple tree branches over my head. It didn’t take me long to locate the source of the frass. Two green-striped mapleworms. Frass is caterpillar poop. If you enjoy finding caterpillars it’d be wise to keep an eye out for frass. If there’s frass on the ground, there’ll be a caterpillar, or a group of caterpillars, feeding above. Green-striped mapleworms are the caterpillars, or larvae, of rosy maple moths.Read more

A Sphinx Moth

I don’t know what made me look up, pure curiosity I suspect. As I craned my neck upward, a large green caterpillar caught my eye. It was about twelve feet up on the underside of a small twig of an elm tree. It was the end of the day, closing time, and I was walking the boardwalk in Explore the Wild for the final time. Although I couldn’t put a name on it, I immediately recognized the caterpillar. I’d seenRead more

Nest Box Update 6.13.17

We have one active nest, leaving five empty nest boxes. The six house wrens that had occupied the nest box at the Cow Pasture have fledged since last week’s inspection. Paper wasps were quick to move in. The nest box at the Outdoor Classroom service road in Explore the Wild is empty. Last week, there were 5 house wren nestlings in the nest box at the site of the old Bungee jump. This week I count 4 nestlings. They appearRead more

The Dagger

On Wednesday of last week (6/3), I spotted a not quite 2” caterpillar trekking across the macadam of our outdoor loop trail through Catch the Wind and Explore the Wild. The caterpillar had a black head, yellow-green body, black markings on its sides and a whitish mid dorsal stripe, which included a series of eight “warts,” three of which were more prominent than the others. It was moderately covered with white setae (hairs) with the setae on the thorax longer andRead more

Nest Box Update 6.6.17

There are two active nests, one at the Cow Pasture nest box, the other at the site of the old Bungee Jump in Catch the Wind. Both are house wren nests. At last week’s nest box inspection, the six house wren eggs in the nest box at the Cow pasture near the Train Tunnel had yet to hatch. There are now six nestlings in the nest box and they are doing well. The nest box at the Outdoor Classroom serviceRead more

Toads Aplenty

Back in March and April I photographed American toads mating and laying eggs in our Wetlands. On April 11, I photo’d the small, black tadpoles that hatched from the eggs swimming in the shallow water of the swamp to the west of the Main Wetlands Overlook. Again, this time on May 20, I took shots of the tadpoles as they were about to become toads. They still had their tails, but also their legs. They would soon be ready toRead more

Nest Box Update 5.31.17

We are currently hosting two house wren pairs. One is located at the Cow Pasture nest box (6 eggs), the other lives at the site of the old Bungee Jump (5 nestlings). The nest box at the Cow Pasture contains 6 house wren eggs. There were 6 eggs in the nest last week. And, I didn’t see an adult fly from the box this week. Incubation should be in progress. Have the birds abandoned the nest for some reason? TheRead more