Nest Box Update 7.18.17

We have three active nest boxes. Last week, the Cow Pasture, Bungee, and Butterfly House nest boxes all contained house wren nest material and or eggs. They still contain those things. It seems, though, that the Bungee nest is the only one that has shown signs of further activity. The Cow Pasture nest looks the same this week as it did the previous week, a handful of twigs in the nest box. It doesn’t appear as though there’s been anyRead more

More Red Wolf Pictures

The red wolf pups are frequently out and about inside their spacious enclosure. They’re not always out in the open, but if you have patience and a water bottle (it’s been hot lately) you stand a very good chance at seeing at least one of the pups on your visit to their overlook. The banner across the top of this page and the photo above are of the male and female watching the animal keepers as they both clean theRead more

Things to Look for While Strolling the Outdoor Loop at the Museum of Life and Science

Yellow-bellied sliders are frequently seen out basking in the sun in our wetlands. Occasionally, and typically in spring and early summer, a snapping turtle partakes in the catching of rays. There are Colorado potato beetles and there are false potato beetles. Both eat plants in the nightshade (solanaceae) family, a group of plants of which both potato and tomato belong. This family includes many other species of plants including horsenettle or Carolina nettle (Solanum carolinense). We have much Carolina nettleRead more

Nest Box Update 7.11.17

It’s the year of the house wren! The past week has seen activity in three of our six nest boxes, all involving house wrens. There’s nest material in the Cow Pasture, Bungee Jump, and Butterfly House nest boxes. It’s just a start, but the nest box at the Cow Pasture contains a handful of twigs. This, if it’s completed, will be the second house wren nest in this nest box. The previous nest fledged 6 house wrens. The nest boxRead more

Nest Box Update 7.4.17

On June 20, I reported that the nest box at the Bungee site had fledged four house wrens. I skipped the nest box update last week due to lack of activity, none of the nest boxes had nests in them following the previous fledging. I thought it would be the end of the season for the local nest box-using community. Well, house wrens have surprised me with a new nest in the nest box at the old site of theRead more

Idle Thoughts?

As we humans hustle through our days occupying our thoughts with whatever it is we think about during our daily routines, a particular project we’re working on, what to eat for lunch, or whether to go to the mountains or to the beach the coming weekend, we unknowingly pass by a myriad of creatures sharing our world whose thoughts, if they have them, are far less abstract and more consequential to life itself. What creatures? Stop and have a lookRead more

Nest Box Update 6.20.17

There are two things to report this week. The 4 nestling house wrens that had been in the nest box at the old site of the Bungee Jump in Catch the Wind have fledged and, there is no activity in any of the other nest boxes. So, this may be the end of the nesting season for our little bluebird trail. I will report on any further activity next week, if it occurs. However, if there is no nest activity,Read more