Nest Box Update 4.17.18

There’ve been a few changes in the nest boxes. This week, upon inspection of our six nest boxes, I discovered two cracked eggs in two different nests, three incubating birds, and one nest that hadn’t seen any type of activity. The nest at the Cow pasture, which is occupied by and contains eggs laid by chickadees, was much the same as last week. It contained six eggs and a dedicated Carolina chickadee sitting on those eggs. When I opened theRead more

Steamrolling Along

Spring just keeps on rollin’ along, and the pace is quickening. Many insects are emerging, flowers blooming, and birds migrating, whether returning to the local habitats or just passing through on their way further north. Here’s some of what’s been happening over the last week or so here at the Museum, in no particular order. An early season dragonfly. The blue corporal is named for the mature male’s blue color and the two stripes on the insect’s “shoulders,” one onRead more

Nest Box Update 4.10.18

Everything looks great out on the bluebird trail. All of our 6 nest boxes have nests and all but one has eggs. Only one nest had a bird incubating, so egg laying may yet continue. There are 3 bluebird nests and 3 chickadee nests. The Cow Pasture nest has a full compliment of 6 eggs. An adult was incubating as I opened the inspection door on the side of the nest box. Soon after I took the photo you seeRead more

Red Wolf Speculation

Red wolf mating season has come and gone. The first confirmed mating was on February 14, nearly two months ago. Average gestation period for these canids is 63 days. The photo above shows a comparison of our female then and now. The left side of the photo shows her in mid December 2017, the right side, April 5, Thursday of last week. Do you see a difference? Here’s another shot of female 2062’s belly taken same day as right sideRead more

Spring Happenings

Last week started cool, temperature-wise, but ended with a warmth that brought out all manner of creatures and plants that had been lying in wait for just that moment to arrive. There are a lot of photos to show and things to discuss, so let’s start with the snake above. It was pointed out to me that someone here at the museum had seen a water snake back at the end of February or in early March. We had someRead more

Nest Box Update 4.3.18

There’s been a few additions and changes made to our 6 nest boxes.  While last week we had three bluebird nests and two chickadee nests, we now have the reverse. One nest which was started by bluebirds has been topped off by chickadees, with the deposition of two eggs! There’s a total of 5 eggs on the trail, and the one nest that had remained untouched for several weeks has seen activity. Last week the nest box in the CowRead more

Nest Box Update 3.28.18

We’re on the move. All of our nest boxes have seen some sort of activity the past week. Three bluebird nests are underway, two chickadee nests, and one nest box has had been modified slightly by some unknown entity. The nest box at the Cow Pasture which contained some 3” of moss last week has now been topped off with fur and feathers. A well-defined cup has yet to be made to finish off the nest, but that may veryRead more

Sky High Raptors

What do the 2 two geese (above) have to do with raptors, or birds of prey? Well, if I hadn’t been paying attention to those two geese I would not have seen a bald eagle soaring over our wetlands last week. As I approached a corner of our 750’ boardwalk near the Black Bear Exhibit, I noticed our two resident Canada geese below me in the water. As I peered over the rail, I realized both geese were staring skyward.Read more

Sailboat Pond, Bright and Shiny

Back in February, we began the process of performing some much-needed maintenance on the Sailboat Pond in Catch the Wind, a favorite of the thousands of kids that make their way through our outdoor exhibit area. The pond’s bottom and walls needed to be resurfaced and a new plumbing system installed. The pond needed to be drained, scooped out, scraped and painted, a dirty and messy job. The last time this type of maintenance was performed was in May ofRead more

Nest Box Update 3.20.18

Although it’s been minimal, there has been activity in some of our six nest boxes. And, I’ve had to move one nest box due to exhibit construction. So, I can at least report something other than “No changes in the nest boxes” this week. A Carolina chickadee has begun a nest in the nest box at the Cow Pasture near the train tunnel. The nest is not complete, but nearly so. The nest box on the service road in ExploreRead more