Nest Box Update 4.23.24

Top Photo: Eastern bluebird eggs.

We have one empty nest box, one with a nest sans eggs (chickadees), two with 1 egg each (chickadee and bluebird) and a total of eleven nestlings (4 chickadees and 7 bluebirds.

After having been raided by a house wren and emptied of its five eggs, the bluebird pair has apparently rallied and started a new nest. The Cow Pasture nest box has come back to life and so far holds one bluebird egg.

A new beginning at Cow Pasture (4.23.24).

Oddly, the egg has faint red markings on it. I don’t recall seeing that on a bluebird egg in the past.

Note red-brown markings on egg.

The chickadee nest in the nest box in Explore the Wild had five eggs last week. It now has four nestlings and one egg. It looks as though the brood hatched this morning (4.23.24). I suspect the last egg will hatch later in the day, if not as soon as we close the door and leave the birds alone.

Note unhatched egg under nestlings (white object near bottom-center).

The bluebirds in the nest box at Into the Mist seem well and nearly ready to fledge. The adults were nearby as we peeked inside the nest box, each with a morsel of food in their beaks. And, judging by the earthworm inside the nest they’ve been busy delivering nourishment to the nestlings.

Nearly ready to fledge at Into the Mist (
How did this worm get by un-eaten amongst the nestlings?

The Parking Deck East nest box is empty, no second brood yet. This nest box has already seen five bluebirds fledge.

An empty nest box at Parking Deck East (4.23.24).

Still no eggs in the chickadee nest in the nest box on the west side of the parking deck.

A neat chickadee nest but no eggs yet at Parking Deck West (4.23.24).

The Butterfly House nest appears to have two bluebird nestlings.

What appears to be 2 nestlings (4.23.24).

So, we now have one empty nest box, two chickadee nests, one with 4 nestlings, the other nest built but lacking eggs or nestlings, and one rebuilt bluebird nest with one egg. There’s a total of seven bluebird nestlings in two additional nests.

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