Yellow-bellies and Bullfrogs grow, others Lay Low

Top Photo: Bullfrog.

Young turtles continue to be seen from both the boardwalk and the Wetlands Overlook. No longer the silver dollar-sized individuals of a few months ago, the turtles appear to be growing quickly on the abundant food in the Wetlands. When not basking out on a log, these little Yellow-bellied Turtles are either eating or looking for food. I’ve not seen as many Painted Turtles as previously, and Snapping Turtles seem to be laying low.

Bullfrogs are becoming more obvious out in the relatively “open” water of the Wetlands, away from the heavy cover of the edges of the water. Their bright green heads are often visible just above the surface as they float motionless in the water. Look for both the large “old bulls” as well as the many smaller “newly morphed” young frogs from the boardwalk, just before you get to the Black Bear Enclosure.

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