‘Tis the Season – for Red Wolves

Alerted by animal keepers Autumn and Janine that mating behavior had been witnessed in the red wolves, I unleashed my camera and high-tailed it down to their enclosure. Sure enough, within minutes the wolves lived up to what the keepers had said (2/13/18).

Unfortunately, after several attempts the wolves never tied or knotted which is necessary for a successful mating. Of course, the wolves have many hours in each day when no human is present to observe their behavior, who knows what goes on after hours.

I’m going to keep an eye on our captive canines and report back if and when I witness an effective performance, perhaps later today!


Later that morning, the very same day, the wolves were observed in tied position!

9 responses to ‘Tis the Season – for Red Wolves

  1. Susan says:

    Thanks Greg for the update. I appreciate this site and also knowing that you all communicate as a team and provide us information is so wonderful.

  2. Carole Chapman says:

    Love is in the air. Way to go, Moose!!! Hopefully, this courtship will be productive. Keeping my paws crossed.

    • gregdodge says:

      Just minutes after posting the photos in this post, our male and female were observed mating, this time they tied. I, however, arrived on the scene just as they separated and missed getting a photo. Maybe next time.

      • Chris Alexandru says:

        Thank you so much, Greg, you all are such a wonderful team !

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