New Bear, Rose Hips, and an At Home Mockingbird

Top Photo: A panoramic view of the wetlands from the boardwalk.

We have a new black bear in our Black Bear Enclosure which brings the number of ursine occupants at the museum to four. That includes Mimi, Gus, Little, and now an approximately 9 month old male cub (not yet named) in residence. You may see him pacing back and forth in front of the overlook in Explore the Wild. Don’t fret, there’s always a period of anxiety when new animals arrive. He simply has to work it out. The Animal Care Team is making him as comfortable as possible.

New cub.
New bear at the waterfall feature in the enclosure.

You may have noticed red “berries” on some of the shrubs surrounding the wetlands. They’re hips, rose hips. Swamp rose (Rosa palustris) is a common plant in our area, and the museum has its share. Take a walk around our Floating Walkway and you’re sure to see plenty.

Swamp rose is a common plant in wetlands.
Bird species eat the fruit of the rose.

And finally, holiday decorations are going up. The wildlife must adjust. That’s no problem for a northern mockingbird who calls the garden in front of the Butterfly House home. The bird takes it all in stride as he perches on a giant wicker and chicken wire ball covered with holiday lights.

Northern mockingbird at home on holiday decorations.

Mockingbirds are year-round residents at the museum. This one owns the garden along the ramp and steps leading to the Butterfly House.

Keep an eye out for this bird on your next visit.


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