The Squirrel at the Train Station

Top Photo: Gray squirrel enjoying bird seed.

If you’ve ever ridden the Ellerbe Creek Railroad at the museum you may have seen this or another squirrel at the bird feeders. The rodent has no fear of people, feeds at its own leisure, and is quite plainly entertaining to watch.

Raiding the feeder.

We have “squirrel proof” feeders at our official bird feeding site, Bird Viewing, in Catch the Wind. The feeder at the Train Station is more or less a freebie.

Oh, and you can actually see birds feeding at the train station feeders as well, like the red-bellied woodpecker below.

Red-bellied woodpecker at suet feeder.

By the way, the suet has hot pepper laced throughout. The birds don’t mind the heat, the squirrels can’t cope.

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