The Feeders

OK, in the past few weeks we’ve had days with snow, ice, and some very cold temperatures. We’ve also had a solid week, seven days, with temps in the sixties and seventies. And now, it’s chilling down again.

Not long ago the local birds were singing a happy tune. Now it seems all they care about is putting on fat, the bird feeders in Catch the Wind are busy!

Here’s just some of the birds looking to put on weight to stave off the chill of the next few days and nights.

An American Goldfinch looks for an opening at one of the feeders.
A goldfinch (left) and a House Finch “share” the feeder.
A Carolina Wren tries to muscle in on a Downy Woodpecker who had been peacefully enjoying the suet.
After the woodpecker departed, the wren (backside of suet) eats its fill while a Brown-headed Nuthatch takes its share.
Now its a Yellow-rumped Warbler’s turn to snatch some suet from the feeder. A nuthatch feeds below.
A female Northern Cardinal looks back over her shoulder at all the fuss going on behind her.
American Goldfinch protests the arrival of a Brown-headed Nuthatch.
A male Yellow-bellied Sapsucker surveys the situation from a nearby tree.

Just a few more nights in the cold, then back to singing!

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