Solitary Sandpiper

Top Photo: Solitary sandpiper feeds on north side of wetlands.

Solitary sandpiper.

The only shorebirds I’ve seen here at the museum are spotted sandpiper, killdeer and solitary sandpiper. Both spotted and solitary drop in on their respective ways north and south while migrating. I don’t see them every year. They’re more likely to stop in when the water’s low enough to expose mud along the edges of the pond. Though I have viewed them each briefly when the only thing above water were a few snags and the boulders in the center of the pond, but they didn’t stay.

Solitary sandpiper forages at water’s edge.

The one and only killdeer sighting was of an individual that came in, flew around the pond two or three times and departed. It was a high water year with no exposed mud.

The only other shorebird I feel is a potential drop-in, is least sandpiper. I’ve been waiting 14 years, no sign of them yet.

I may not have seen the one pictured (9/7/21) had it not been for a member birder who informed me of it’s presence in the wetlands. Thanks!

Check out this encounter with a solitary sandpiper and frog.

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