We don’t often get snow in December, that usually happens in January or February in our rather mild section of the continent. Even then, it’s rarely a huge amount of snow, although it doesn’t take much frozen precip to bring us to our knees here in the south. But, that’s another story.

When it snows here, and if you like snow, like to look at it and play in it, you’d be wise to go out and take advantage of it quickly, it doesn’t last long. So, when I saw big, fluffy flakes falling from the sky this past Saturday, I grabbed the camera and snapped a few pics.

Big fluffy flakes falling in the wetlands.
Male hooded merganser swims by impervious to the snow and cold.
A brief snow.

Although it rained and sleeted most of the day, this fleeting flurry of snow activity lasted only an hour. Locally, none, if any, of the snow stuck to the ground.

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