Secret Spot

Top Photo: The view from the Secondary Wetlands Overlook.

When you find a nice quiet “secret” spot to sit and rest, think, or meditate, it’s a good idea not to tell all of your friends, it will soon become a not-so-secret spot.

I feel compelled, though, to tell you about this one. You’ll find out on your own anyway, sooner or later. It’s the Secondary Wetlands Overlook. It’s been “done-over” and remade into a shady rest stop for weary walkers.

Sandstone walkway to overlook.

There used to be a display case at the sight, but that’s been removed and replaced by sandstone walkways and steps leading down to the wetlands. There are also several Adirondack chairs to sit in as you contemplate the willows, pines, last remaining eastern cottonwood tree on the campus (to your right), and other trees and shrubs that surround you.

Adirondacks and steps to sit upon.

If you sit quietly, and you should, you’re likely to see a variety of bird species drop in to look for food, sip the water, or simply to rest quietly themselves. Catbirds, hummingbirds, song sparrows, and green herons are just a few of the birds that frequent the site.

ruby-throated hummingbird pauses to rest on bare branch.
Gray catbird and I check each other out.

So, stop by on your next trip out through Explore the Wild. Kick back in one of the Adirondacks, relax, take few deep breaths and enjoy the quiet view in front of you. But hey, keep it to yourself. Alright?

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