Red Wolf Update

In the above photo, the wolves anxiously await the departure of the animal keepers. The keepers enter the enclosure to do a daily poop-scoop followed by a distribution of food which usually consists of meatballs and or dead rats. Today it looks like all meatballs. (Top photo, left to right; Female 2062, Juv 2246, M 1803, Juv 2247, notice how the female is the lead)

Keeper Mary watches as Keeper Kate scoops. Note storage bin full of meatballs under Mary’s arm.
M 1803, Juv 2247, Juv 2246.

While in the enclosure, the keepers (always two or more keepers) keep a watch on the wolves. The wolves do the same, they prefer to stay as far away from the keepers as possible but never lose sight of their human caretakers.

Once the keepers leave the habitat, the wolves descend to the lower portion of the enclosure to find and devour the day’s ration. Then, it’s time to rest, and perhaps play.

Hard to tell if this is play or annoyance (l-r Juv 2246, Juv 2247).

The red wolf juveniles are now 9 months old.

Juv 2246 relaxes.

Our female will be going into estrus soon. We typically observe the first tie, or mating, on or around Valentine’s Day. Two specific dates that I’ve photographed the wolves mating are February 14 and 17 so keep an eye out on your visits to the wolves over the next several weeks.

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