Purple Martins in the snow

As reported last week Purple Martins are on their way north. The first arrivals in North Carolina have been seen, just in time for the snow, sleet, freezing rain and cold.


The birds were spotted in the southern portion of our state in Maxton (2/9) and Godwin (2/10) NC. Both of those locations are on the coastal plain about 56 miles distance from one another.

Maxton “A” and Godwin “B.”

These birds are insectivorous, wish them luck.

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  1. Del Block says:

    On April 24, 2014 the Purple Martin scouts arrived in Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada. The rest of the flock on April 26, 2014. They arrived in rain which turned to snow. We received three inches on the early morning hours of the 28th and it is forecast to continue for the next two days.

    I am helpless, I do not know what to do. There is no food for them, they are wet and cold and are sitting on the outside of their houses. I think they went inside at dark last night but cannot say for sure. To say the least I am worried about them but do not know what to do. The temp is 0 degrees celsius (32 F).

    Del Block

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