Out You Go!

It didn’t take long for our Great Blue Heron (GBH) to roust out our visiting Great Egret. The heron had been absent for most of the day. Upon returning in the evening he circled the Wetlands once, spotted the intruder and made a direct assault on the unsuspecting egret.

The GBH came in and landed within six feet of the egret, who, thinking everything was on the up-and-up, kept right on fishing the way it had been before the GBH dropped in. The GBH immediately flew at the egret, neck outstretched and squawking loudly.

The egret took off with the heron in hot pursuit. They circled the Wetlands several times, gaining altitude each pass, finally disappearing over the Bear Enclosure. Only the GBH returned.

The egret peacefully fishing in the Wetlands.
The egret’s peace was broken when the GBH returned from the day’s outing.
After a few passes around the Wetlands it was up and over the trees, “and I’m out of here” for the egret.

A day in the life….

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