Ospreys on the move!

Back in February of 2011, through the magic of satellite transmitters, I followed the travels of a young Osprey named Belle who had been fitted with a transmitter and who had flown as far south as Brazil to spend her first winter, the farthest recorded migration south of any Osprey to date. Then again in August of 2011 I informed you of Belle’s whereabouts as well as another young Osprey named Buck who was hatched in South Carolina.

Well, Belle’s at it again. This time Belle made an amazing 56 hour, 1590 mile, nonstop flight from Cape Cod, MA to Cuba! It would seem she knows where she’s going and wants to get there in a hurry. As of yesterday, she was in Venezuela, presumably sampling some of the fish that Lake Maracaibo has to offer. Go ahead, click the link to follow her journey. Once at the site, Belle’s the pink, or magenta, dot on the map.

This is facinating stuff! I’d love to be able to travel with Belle, see where she goes, see what she sees, or maybe visit her once she settles in for the winter. Will she continue south to Rondonia, Brazil where she spent her first winter or will she find new winter quarters. Will she be able avoid danger along the way, storms, starvation, or being shot by a local hunter (Osprey are fair game where Belle now travels). Only time will tell. I’ll be waiting and watching. How about you?

No, this is not Belle, but it is an Osprey that passed over our Wetlands on its way south. I wonder where this one will end up?


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