A Ruby-crowned Display

Top Photo: Ruby-crowned kinglet in full display mode.

Male ruby-crowned kinglets have a patch of red feathers on the top of their heads, the crown. The ruby-red crown of this tiny, frenetic bird is usually concealed by olive-green/gray feathers, except when the bird is excited.

Excitement means, while the bird is in the presence of a potential mate, predator or rival.

In the case here, the bird was stimulated by its own reflection in the passenger side mirror of a car parked here at the museum. The bird persisted in viewing the mirror (out of my view) then hopping up on top of the mirror, apparently looking for its perceived rival on top of or behind the mirror.

It’s very satisfying to see this little bird display since it doesn’t happen often at this time of year. Here are some shots of the excited bird in action.

The mirror.
The very excited bird.

Back to the mirror.

Looking for rival.

Losing interest.
Off to another adventure.

Ruby-crowned kinglets nest north of here, typically in conifer-rich woodlands mainly in the Pacific Northwest and across Canada. We’re lucky to have them as regular winter visitors.

2 responses to A Ruby-crowned Display

  1. Adell Ida Goedker says:

    Have videos from yesterday. Ringgold Ga. Cute and very focal

  2. Carol Henderson says:

    What a character! He is wonderful. I have occasionally seen one, but never with this red display.

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