Nest Box Update 7.9.19

There are now, as there was last week, three active nests. Two have eggs and one is occupied by four nearly ready to fledge bluebirds.

The house wren nest at the Cow Pasture still has five eggs. I heard an adult calling in the nearby brush as I approached the nest box so it’s possible the eggs are being incubated. I may have come along as the adult was taking a break from that chore.


Five yet to hatch eggs at Cow Pasture (7.9.19).

The Explore the Wild and Into the Mist nest boxes are empty. The nest box at the parking deck (east side) has had house wren nesting material inside its cedar walls for over a month with no additional material added. I’m calling it empty.

This nest at parking deck has not been added to in over a month (7.9.19).

I don’t expect to see bluebirds in the nest box on the west side of the parking deck by next week’s inspection, they’ll most likely fledge.

These bluebirds at parking deck – west may fledge by next week’s inspection (7.9.19).

There are four new bluebird eggs in the nest box at the Butterfly House.

Fresh bluebird eggs at Butterfly House (7.9.19).

With eggs still not hatched and some just being laid it looks as though this nesting season may stretch into August. There are about 2 weeks of incubation and  2-3 weeks after hatching till bluebird nestlings fledge. Sit tight.

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