Nest Box Update 7.5.22

Top Photo: Eastern bluebird eggs.

Three of our six nest boxes have nest material in them. Only one of those has been worked in the past week. A house wren has completed the long dormant nest in the nest box on the west side of the parking deck.

There’s an empty nest box at the Cow pasture, no activity.

Explore the Wild has been quiet since March.

The Into the Mist nest box is empty.

The nest inside the box on the east side of the parking deck has not been touched in at least one week.

The nest box on the west side of the parking deck previously held a partial house wren nest. The twigs sticking out of the entrance hole gave it away on the walk-up to the nest box. It now has a complete nest inside.

Notice twigs at entrance hole (PKW- 7.5.22).
A finished house wren nest (PKW- 7.5.22).

The Butterfly House nest box is empty.

There’s one nest box which has shown activity this past week, a house wren nest in the nest box on the west of the parking deck. Will this be the last nest of the season? or will it too be abandoned?

See you next week.

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