Nest Box Update 7.4.23

Top Photo: Eastern bluebird eggs.

We have one active nest, house wrens for a second brood at the Cow Pasture.


The Cow Pasture nest, as it did last week, has six house wren eggs. I was expecting nestlings. I didn’t see or hear an adult in the area which makes me wonder whether this nest has been abandoned. Though, six eggs is a large investment for these birds to quit. We’ll see what happens next week.

Six eggs and no adults at Cow Pasture (7.4.23).

The Explore the Wild, Into the Mist, Parking Deck East, Parking Deck West and Butterfly House nest boxes are all empty.


With one active nest (house wrens – Cow Pasture) the season seems to be coming to and end. While it’s still possible to get another brood in, I don’t think we’ll see an attempt.

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