Nest Box Update 7.4.17

On June 20, I reported that the nest box at the Bungee site had fledged four house wrens. I skipped the nest box update last week due to lack of activity, none of the nest boxes had nests in them following the previous fledging. I thought it would be the end of the season for the local nest box-using community. Well, house wrens have surprised me with a new nest in the nest box at the old site of the Bungee Jump in Catch the Wind.

There are no eggs in the nest but there is a complete house wren nest in the box. The birds showed an interest in my approach and opening of the nest box. They will probably give it a go.

House wren nest (7/4/17).
One of the adults eyes me as I approach the nest.

The nest box at the Bungee site is the only active nest. Will there be others?

We’ll have to wait till next week to find out.

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