Nest Box Update 7.11.17

It’s the year of the house wren! The past week has seen activity in three of our six nest boxes, all involving house wrens. There’s nest material in the Cow Pasture, Bungee Jump, and Butterfly House nest boxes.

It’s just a start, but the nest box at the Cow Pasture contains a handful of twigs. This, if it’s completed, will be the second house wren nest in this nest box. The previous nest fledged 6 house wrens.

Just a start for the Cow Pasture nest box (7/11/17).
Minimal damage from fallen tree at Explore the Wild nest box (7/11/17).

The nest box at the service road on the back side of Explore the Wild has sustained damage due to a fallen tree. The damage is slight and there was no nest in the box at the time, so no real damage was done. A new roof will fix the problem.

The female house wren at the old site of the Bungee Jump has so far laid three eggs. Like the Cow Pasture nest box, this will be the second brood for the site. The previous nest fledged four.

Three eggs so far at Bungee nest (7/11/17).

The Into the Mist nest box is empty.

The nest box at the Woodlands Classrooms is empty.

I was surprised to see one single twig in the nest box at the Butterfly House. Twigs mean house wren.

One single twig in nest box at Butterfly House (7/11/17).

We now have three active nest boxes. The Cow Pasture has the start of a house wren nest with a handful of twigs, The Bungee nest has 3 eggs in it’s nest, and the Butterfly House nest box has a single twig. It may seem odd to consider that one twig in a nest box qualifies it as an active nest, but you have to start somewhere. All nests start with a single blade of grass, single leaf, or a single twig.

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