Nest Box Update 6.5.18

We have 3 active nests, the Cow Pasture nest, Parking Deck nest, and the Butterfly House nest. The remaining three nest boxes, which have already seen nesting birds come and go, are cleaned and ready for another go-round.

The house wrens who have taken up residency in the nest box at the Cow Pasture now have 5 hungry nestlings to feed.

Five hungry wren mouths at Cow Pasture nest (6/5/18).

The Explore the Wild nest box is empty.

There’s no activity in the Into the Mist nest box.

A bluebird nest has been built in the nest box next to the Parking Deck. The box has already hosted and fledged 4 Carolina chickadees.

Bluebird nest at Parking Deck nest box (6/5/18).

The Woodland nest box is empty.

The bluebird eggs in the nest at the Butterfly House hatched on 15 May, three weeks ago (21 days). That’s ample time for the nestlings to have flown the coop. Yet, there was a nestling staring at me as I approached the nest box. I could see at least one more behind the first one. Today’s the day!

A late nestling in the butterfly House nest (6/5/18).

Even at this late date, I didn’t open the box for fear of the birds bolting out of the nest prematurely. I’ll check on the nest again either later today or tomorrow.

So, we have 5 new house wrens in the nest at the Cow Pasture, a new bluebird nest started at the Parking Deck, and bluebird nestlings/fledglings in the nest at the Butterfly House.

Will the house wrens successfully raise their 5 nestlings? Will bluebirds actually use the nest at the Parking Deck nest box? And, what’s going on at the Butterfly House bluebird nest?

For the answers to these and more questions, you’ll have to wait till next week.


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